Volume 2 October 1, 2003 Issue 16

The next several issues will focus on a powerful force that is destroying the opportunity for many people to hear — much less believe, the Gospel as it is presented in the Bible.

The Devil's Greatest Victory

During the late sixties and early seventies, the "flower children" were just beginning to make themselves known by holding various protests and talking of the coming of the Age of Aquarius. Many of us during that time period were somewhat entertained by the freakishness of the things they were doing and gave little attention to the thought that many of those "flower children" would never grow out of their bizarre notions. They would instead become politically motivated and set about reshaping the very morals of our country into what they are today. The movement originally seeded by those "flower children" is now in full force and many people are waking up to recognize that much ground has been gained by the "anything goes crowd" and realize that there is no going back.

The endless pursuit of rights for all, to do all, has become all. As things have evolved, right and wrong has been replaced with a type of tolerance that recognizes neither. All is acceptable except the belief that some things are right or wrong. This cultural movement is such that tolerance itself is no longer defined as it was in those earlier days of the movement, but there is now a New Tolerance.

Let me clarify. The Old Tolerance simply asked that various viewpoints could be stated without fear of ridicule or reprimand. The New Tolerance asks that not only all points of view must be allowed equal expression, but additionally, insists that they are all of equal validity and merit. New Tolerance demands acceptance of all beliefs as equally true. This may be an acceptable tactic when the effort is to plan how to go about some secular or business endeavor, but when the Truth of the Bible is brought into the picture there is no room for compromise or equality with that which is false.

The notion that tolerance must include validating all ideas and moral standards as equal flies in the face of the Word of God. Because our society has become so immersed in this New Tolerance, those who stand on their conviction based on the Word of God quickly find themselves victims of attack. The very fact that a person believes there is any Absolute Truth for mankind makes that individual the enemy of New Tolerance and must therefore be silenced. Silencing comes in many forms. A few of the methods used to attempt to silence those who firmly stand on their convictions include public ridicule, shunning, name calling and categorizing of people.

Let me illustrate an actual example of how it was just thirty years ago. This situation happened in 1971. It involved a religion that promoted that Jesus was a person just like Moses and other great leaders who contributed to the good of humanity in some specific way but that He was no less or greater than Moses. He was not in fact the only begotten Son of God as stated by His disciples and Scripture, but simply a good man. This encounter occurred on a university campus where followers of the Bahai Religion were promoting their beliefs at a booth they had set up on campus. A crowd had gathered in front of the booth and many people were amazed at the love, beauty and peace that they taught. Their belief was that all of these great people were simply a part of the scheme for mankind and that the idea that Christ was greater was simply incorrect. As I stood and listened I could not stand silent and let this person denounce my Lord and Savior as just another man. So I took issue with the spokesperson and was soon joined by another person in the defense of Christ. Several others who shared the belief of myself and the other individual, didn't attempt to be heard but they frequently nodded in agreement. Those of us who defended Christ didn't know each other, had never met, and to my knowledge never saw each other again. Our belief (those of us defending Christ as the Son of God) was acceptable to the Bahai believers since they saw absolutely no conflict. They viewed the fact that we chose to believe Christ was superior to the other great leaders, as simply our preference, nothing more than an unfortunate misunderstanding on our part. The corresponding current belief is that truth resides within each individual and therefore, no one can claim "a corner" on a truth as Absolute. In other words, whatever you decide is right for you, is what's right, as long as you don't get narrow minded and exclusive about it. Then it becomes unacceptable to those of the New Tolerance movement.

In the effort to create equal representation of all religions and beliefs while at the same time keeping Christianity from having undue influence on our country, not only are Biblical views brazenly disagreed with, but to insist that Jesus is who He says He is, equals bigotry in the eyes of New Tolerance. After all, doesn't the new paradigm suggest that everyone has a right to their own belief — their own "path" to God, or perhaps to the "Cosmic Force"? Who are we to try and impose our belief in Christ on another? The very idea that Jesus is THE SON OF GOD is bigoted by its very nature. How arrogant it is to profess such a claim. Do Christians think they are the only ones going to heaven, if there is a Heaven?

The Devil is doing his greatest work today by using New Tolerance to do his job for him. He is unfortunately winning the hearts and minds of the masses — even some in the Church for whom Christ died. Those who have been pulled into the New Tolerance movement see themselves as "loving" believers because they accept all other's beliefs as equal. To do otherwise is just too judgmental. In their effort to be understanding and non-judging, they become willing instruments of the Devil. This cultural conflict that currently engulfs America (including many Christians) is designed to dethrone Jesus.

Satan's success in our society is illustrated by the fact that our legal system has to question whether or not it should recognize same sex marriages. Ten years ago the question would hardly have gotten a response. But the agenda of the New Tolerance movement has already been so successful that those who staunchly professes that marriage is between a man and a woman are painted as being enemies of freedoms. They are portrayed as unloving bigots who are opposed to freedom for homosexuals to exercise their choice to same sex partners and lay claim to the same legal sanctions available to opposite sex marriages. This is only one example that demonstrates how effective the Devil has been in making wrong right, and right wrong. Unfortunately some who claim to be part of the "christian" community have not only embraced the practice of same sex marriages, but have in fact become promoters by recognizing the "sanctity(?)" of such relationships. When we contemplate what might be the most effective way for Satan to forward his own agenda, it should be no mystery that those who claim that God approves of such a thing, would do so with a church as the foundational organization. How else would something that is clearly spoken of in Scripture as an abomination before God go from being "tolerated" (as used in the definition of Old Tolerance) to becoming openly promoted in the New Tolerancewith the additional demand that society must endorse, approve, accept and even protect it with the laws of the land? One of the methods used to silence anyone who might ask such a question is to sight Proverbs 6:16 that lists "seven things that are an abomination" to God. This list includes such things as hands that shed innocent blood, a lying tongue and sowing strife among brethren. The defender of homosexuality points out that we all sin and speaking against his/her "lifestyle" is sowing strife and is therefore also an abomination before God. There's not enough space here to go into detail as to why that approach is bogus. Briefly put, there are no movements that have taken a stand in defense of the other items that are abominable to God, much less have a special day devoted to them, or special clubs formed in schools for them. Have you ever seen a parade of people shouting that they are murderers or liars and demanding that society recognize, respect and legalize their activities? There is only one group of sinners demanding that society approve of, have respect for, and even pass laws to protect their sin! The skill with which the Devil works is so effective that he has succeeded in making Christians the evil ones when they state that the sin of homosexuality is "an abomination." Christians willing to stand for truth on this particular issue, are called a host of names — names such as intolerant, ignorant, unloving, homophobic, out of touch with the culture of today, self righteous, think they have it all figured out, Bible police, Pharisees, bigots and the list could go on and on.

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;..." (Isaiah 5:20 KJV)

The big difference today is that not only is society at large a part of the New Tolerance, but the church is edging closer and closer to being indistinguishable in the world because it too has begun to abandon anything that represents Absolute Truth. The end result is that many souls are, and will be lost as the acceptance of the New Tolerance of the Devil silences increasing numbers of Christians. Many have bought into the lie that speaking truth about sin is just not very loving or tolerant.

The slide into the abyss of New Tolerance has come about over a long period of time and began before many of today's greatest promoters were even born. The conditioning happened and is happening through the school systems. Many schools are not only tolerant of, but teach that "alternative lifestyles" are nothing more than personal preferences. Those same schools are totally intolerant of Judeao Christian truths or any reference to them. Even many so called "Christian Universities" teach that there is very little Absolute Truth contained in the Bible.

To keep one's self unspotted from the world is to be able and willing to stand for the truth when opportunity occurs. Unfortunately for many people today there are very few things that they believe to be absolutely true. For many in the Church, Truth has been reduced to the smallest common denominator — that being, "Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God." and "love God and our neighbor." They claim there are no Absolute Truths beyond those three. All else is subject to personal preferences that each of us holds. Under the law of New Tolerance, no one has the right to point out wrong, much less an obligation to do so since it would be considered unloving. This is true even if it could mean that a soul might be forever lost. Pointing to the Scriptures to stand for Truths other than the three listed above is to immediately be called a Pharisee or labeled in some fashion. The silencing of Christians in churches today as a result of such tactics is deafening. The only thing that the New Tolerance movement is totally intolerant of, is anyone who stands for Absolute Truth. There can be no room for those individuals in the movement because the very nature of Absolute Truth establishes that there is an opposite of that Truth, and it is false. Thus, there is a right and there is a wrong and that right and wrong is revealed to us in the Word of God. It does not originate within each individual. Thus the New Tolerance belief that whatever you decide is right for you, is what's right, can not co-exist with God's Inspired Word.

We will continue with more about New Tolerance in the next issue.

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